My name is Tom McDonald, owner of Perthshire Tree Surgery.


I've been working in the arboriculture industry since 2004. After attending Barony College in Dumfries and gaining some basic industry qualifications I started my career down in Shropshire before moving to Sweden for a time, then back to Bonny Scotland. I worked for a number of different companies across the UK and Sweden on a self-employed basis until early 2016, when I decided I'd finally gained enough experience and qualifications in the trade that I had confidence, knowledge and ability to offer customers. That's when I started advertising for myself.

I employ the services of the various sub-contracting arborists that I've come to know over the years. In this sense, every member of the team who may be working in your garden really is hand-picked.


My customers know exactly what they're getting - quality tree care at a fair price.